Wal-Mart Too Big For Our Town


I am an eighth-grader at Rim Country Middle School. I have a concern I would like to address. It's about the new "Super" Wal-Mart. Why did we need it? We had a Wal-Mart that was, in my opinion, a good store. Big enough for things that we need and small enough that it doesn't take a lot of time trying to find what we need in a hurry, which the new one does. The old Wal-Mart had the same things the new one has, except the new one has a grocery store. We already have two grocery stores that do just fine and they are good enough for our small town.

We wasted lots of time, money and hard work that we could have spent on things and places that we do need.

I believe that the new "Super" Wal-Mart is too big for our town. But if people believe we need it, then maybe the store will give its community what it really needs. Thanks for taking time and reading my letter.

Lisa Cuen

RCMS student

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