Main Street Gets A Clean Sweep


With its freshly painted light posts and newly litter-free sidewalks, Payson's Main Street could nearly pass for Disneyland's Main Street. You have Payson Community Kids to thank for it.

Normally, this group of "youngsters with special needs" meet for volunteer clean-up projects only three or four times a year, Marcy Rogers said. She heads the program through the town's Community Development Department.

But because of the upcoming arrival of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, the 30-strong band of kids who comprise the program wanted Main Street to look extra-good -- so they spent two Saturday afternoons in a row spiffing up the town's most historic roadway.

"They painted, they raked, they picked up trash, and just kept busy working for two-and-a-half hours each day," Rogers said.

"Why? Because they have a great time. This is something they actually enjoy doing. It gets them out where they can be with friends, do something worthwhile, enjoy our picnic, and even win a bike or an airplane ride or horseback riding lessons donated by community businesses."

"More than anything," Rogers said, "Payson Community Kids is a community service, where mainstream children help and mentor other mainstream children. But to the kids, it's just the greatest party in town."

For more information, or to donate to Payson Community Kids, call Marcy Rogers at 474-5242, extension 354.

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