New Owner For Ox Bow


C.W. Norman likes to laugh.
"I chased a buck all my life, and was never happy until I quit chasing the buck and became happy," Norman said. "Now, the biggest thing in my life is just laughing. I like to laugh, and the people around me are people that laugh a lot."

As the new owner of the Ox Bow Inn on Main Street, he plans to do his laughing behind the bar of the historic saloon. As for what his plans are for the building down the road, Norman said he plans to get to know the community first before making any long-term plans.

"Sharese (Von Strauss of the Main Street Redevelopment Committee) took a random poll Saturday at the business showcase, and found that most people would like to see the Ox Bow turned into a supper club.

"In order to do that successfully, you have to spend seven days and seven nights a week at it," Norman said. "I'm too near retirement to do that myself, but I may bring someone in to do that."

Depending on how plans go for the redevelopment of Payson's main drag, Norman said he could also envision seeing the old bar turned into a mini-mall, with curio and gift shops.

"My main thrust right now is to just get what we have there open. We've got to make a few improvements and get the liquor license in place which will be next week, and get it cleared through the city. Then, we'll be doing business much like they used to as a bar. But I understand just from the police calls, there have been some problems there.

"My organization, we don't allow that sort of thing. We don't need all of the business in town, we just want a good business, a good steady clientele that doesn't create problems."

Depending on how licenses and permits go, Norman said he hopes to have the Ox Bow open by the first of May.

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