Same Name, Very Different People


In the recent Rim Review, Jim Keyworth wrote my name in his column about why people in the Rim should be worried -- he was talking about UFOs.

Yes, my name happens to be Travis Walton -- the same name as the guy who was supposedly abducted by aliens back in 1975.

I happen to be 12 years old and I was born in 1987. I know that he was referring to the other Travis Walton, but he made a little mistake. He mentioned that the abducted Travis Walton was a resident of the Rim country area, but the only Travis Walton I know in the Rim country is me. From what I know, the other Travis Walton lives in Snowflake, which is in the White Mountain area.

In fact, when he was abducted over 25 years ago, it was in Heber, which is also part of the White Mountains.

I just wanted to set the record straight so my schoolmates, neighbors and friends won't get confused and think I'm the other Travis Walton.

Travis Walton

(Editor's Note: Young Travis Walton --the 12-year-old --is referring to an article that appeared in the Rim Review April 16 entitled "Top 10 Things for Rimaroos to Worry About." In the article, columnist Jim Keyworth alluded to the movie "Fire In The Sky," a 1980s flick about the alleged alien abduction of White Mountain woodcutter Travis Walton.)

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