Education Key To Gun Safety And Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights


When the Majority leader of the Senate, Sen. Lott, a Republican from Mississippi, talked with Tim Russart on Meet the Press regarding gun control March 26, 2000, I heard how the NRA wanted to protect the second amendment rights. The NRA is also known as the National Rifle Association.

I believe they have meaningful changes without violating their members. The group proposed a control law that would put child-proof trigger-locks on guns and 72-hour background checks. They formed a lobby to present to the government to help change the law.

The proposal was knocked off the agenda, but with the help of Smith & Wesson (the nation's largest maker of handguns) being willing to put up a smart gun technology. This should help protect the second amendment rights and the concerns for some of the people. I think the locks and background check is a good idea, but I also think that the parents should teach their children the safety of guns along with teaching them not to touch guns if they see one laying around. I also think that the Hunter Safety classes are beneficial for all kids and adults to attend.

Kevin Moran, Rim Country Middle School

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