Public Pool Should Be Covered For Winter Use


I am an eighth-grade student and I would like to voice my opinion about the issue of our public pool. It is my feeling that the Town of Payson should consider making our community pool accessible year-round, not only for recreation but also for students to participate in swim teams and such. This would not only benefit those of us in school but everyone, since the pool is used by many people for exercise and recreation.

The way I propose they could do this is by adding to the amount of the money received by the town, by collecting a yearly pass from those who want one, use by schools, clubs and organizations, and, if need be, increasing the general admission price to the public. The most efficient way to accomplish the above would be to enclose the pool area from the weather. I believe that the increase in money taken in would eventually pay back the cost of the enclosure.

Tanner Morgan, Rim Country Middle School

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