Where Are All The Well-Informed Americans?


By publishing the views of four ill-informed people regarding the taking of Elian by the government you are, in my view, indicating that this is also your view. If this is true, please cancel my subscription and refund any balance.

The mainstream media has done an excellent job of feeding incomplete and inaccurate information to these people and many, many more, since national polls suggest the same lack of knowledge of the Constitution and laws on the books regarding Cuban immigration. Instead of a puff piece about May Day, a responsible journalist would have published some pertinent information to balance the views of those people.

Could you not find a person "on the street" who was informed? This is a perfect example how the mainstream media, who are obviously walking in tune with the Clinton administration, can control the thinking of the people.

If this continues, our country will continue to loose more and more of its freedoms. Yours could go next. Why don't you check on freedom of the press in Cuba.

Marilynn Leisch, Payson

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