Weather Predictions Partly Cloudy With Chance Of Being Inaccurate



Well, for the past three years since my retirement, I thought I would become a self-taught weatherman. I figured that I could watch the movement of clouds and then predict when they would reach Christopher Creek and simply predict the weather. After all, isn't that how the TV people do it?

I remember people like Dewey Hopper in Phoenix showing the clouds coming in from California and saying things like, "This storm front over the Pacific will slowly make its way across the Baja and reach us sometime Wednesday or Thursday."

Anyway, the winter before last, I received my diploma from Lance Sabo's School of Weatherology. I accurately predicted the Easter snowstorm of 1999 and demonstrated to my wife how the clouds were slowly moving toward us and would then slowly swirl around and drop lots of snow on us.

Now I'm in fear of losing my diploma. No longer do the clouds go in straight lines or even swirls.

This year, they just suddenly appear, wait for me to predict rain, then breakup and disappear.

For the past 6 months, I have vigilantly watched for green clouds on the Internet weather. On the Internet, green clouds mean rain, yellow means heavy rain and blue means snow.

The past few weeks have really been difficult. These clouds are now coming from the east, then north, and then south, but nothing from the west. Cindy will no longer come into the computer room and let me show her how these clouds will "continue traveling northwest and bring us some rain sometime tonight?"

I've spent hours tracking clouds across Colorado, New Mexico and southern Arizona, but when they reach Gila County, they breakup and go around us or just disappear. Lately, I decided I could do last-minute weather reports and at least wait for the sound of thunder before predicting, but that isn't working either. I even got my sister Vicki who lives just east of us to call me and let me know when she is getting rain, so I could then tell Cindy that it will start raining soon, but nothing!

Vicki will call and say she's getting rain, but then something happens and it stops before it gets here.

However, the past few days have been promising. We have received 0.8 of an inch of rain the past few days and had at least some sprinkles every day, but we still need about nine more inches before we're anywhere near what I think we need.

This is my last chance. For the past few days I have been watching the clouds come down from New Mexico and bring us some rain. Right now it is 2:33 a.m., and here I am watching this little group of green clouds coming down to bring us some rain, when suddenly it makes a sharp right turn and heads toward Flagstaff. Fortunately, Cindy went to Phoenix yesterday and is coming home today and I have time to lie to her and tell her it rained a little as I predicted. I can spray a little water on the porch and around the house and she will never know.

Cindy told me that I should wash the car, roll down the windows and leave it outside and it would rain. She said that last year before we got the roof on the house and it rained everyday!

Now who does she think she is; some kind of trained scientific weatherperson?

Anyway, hopefully the clouds will get back and start traveling in straight lines or swirls and we can get some rain.

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