Mogollon Grill Fires Up Aug. 23


The Mogollon Grill, a lunch-and-dinner restaurant set within the newly remodeled Heritage House on Main Street, is finally set to open Aug. 23.

The 84-year-old Payson landmark was purchased early this year by the Valley-based Mogollon Grill L.L.C.

The property has had several incarnations since it was built in 1926 by Julian Journigan. Originally a private residence, it was turned into a soup-salad-sandwich "tea room" and named Heritage House in 1985. It was later expanded into a full-service restaurant, but that business closed last year.

The property remained vacant until new co-owner Scott Hopman and his partners began remodeling the exterior and interior of the house in June.

The Mogollon Grill will feature a bar, a lounge with booths, and an outdoor patio with gas-and-wood fire pit. The menu of "basic cuisines" will include chicken, fish, prime rib and specialty dishes prepared by David Young, who for the past two years was the chef at Chaparral Pines.

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