Curbside Recycling The Next Step?


Payson, it seems, is green. Not with envy, but with earth-friendly, tree-saving spirit.

The town's 30-yard paper recycling bins, which have been perpetually full from the moment they were plunked down a few weeks ago, are proof of the community's pent-up demand for quick, easy ways to recycle.

There have, of course, always been ways to recycle in the Rim country. The Payson Humane Society recycles aluminum cans to raise money for the town's animal shelter, certain automotive service shops recycle oil, the Buckhead Mesa landfill recycles.

But after Payson's short-lived recycling center shut down last year, residents found themselves 90 miles from the nearest place to recycle newspapers and other paper products.

Town leaders deserve credit for stepping in and filling that gap. Now we urge them to take the next step and work with the heads of Payson's garbage companies to develop a communitywide curbside recycling program.

Although plans to create a municipal curbside recycling program were thrown out last year due to legal and logistical problems, perhaps the town council can facilitate a cooperative effort with the town's waste-management companies.

This year alone, Americans are expected to generate 218 million tons of waste, and 152 million tons of that is expected to be disposed of in landscape-scarring landfills or air-polluting incinerators.

Recycling not only extends the life of these expensive landfills, it slows the depletion of our finite natural resources and reduces pollution generated during manufacturing and waste disposal.

Obviously Payson residents want to recycle and welcome landfill alternatives despite the recycling center's failure. Convenience seems to make all the difference.

If you would like to have that choice delivered to your door, call your councilmembers at 474-5242 and your garbage disposal company, and lobby for change to keep Payson green.

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