School Dress Codes Going Back To Basics


Back-to-school shopping can be a nightmare for students and parents, as they search racks of clothes for the latest styles that fit within the parameters of their school's dress code.

Fortunately dress codes aren't changing all that much in Rim country schools this year, and fall trends are leaning back to the basics.

The minor dress code changes that have been made are, for the most part, clarifications of previously ambiguous terms. Here's an overview:

Modesty is a good one-word description for dress codes this year. Shorts and skirts must not have any visible rips or holes and must extend to the fingertips when standing with your hands resting flat against your sides.

Students are also required to wear pants or shorts that fit the waist without the assistance of a belt that hangs to the knees, and chains are not permitted at all.

Girls are not allowed to wear halter tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs or tube tops, and everything on everyone must be hemmed. References to gang membership, obscene language or symbols, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol are not allowed.

On the fashion front, beach bum attire is out this fall; the look this season is classic, casual style. The good news is that the timeless basics that you'll find on the clothes racks this year leave little room for screw-ups.

Another positive is that the new fashions will deck you without denting your pocketbook. They allow you to mix and match sleek, coordinating separates that will keep you cool and comfortable at an affordable price.

From here to New York, celebrities remain the standard trendsetters in the fashion industry, and be it a skirt, suit, pants or a T-shirt, all individual styles and tastes are well represented in the spectrum of natural shades of khaki, denim, white, black and gray.

So ladies, pack up the summer's bold mini skirts and tank tops, and guys, do away with the surfer look. Pull out your classic blue jeans and a white shirt, and you'll be comfortable, stylin' and within the dress code parameters for school this fall.

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