Search For Water Puts Taxpayers' Money At Stake



Re: Mike Burkett's story in your July 28 edition, "Payson's water woes easing."

Toward the end of the story, Mike reports that "there will be no crystal balls," but that Councilman Dick Wolfe thinks we are armed with the next best thing, "a council with a very aggressive plan to seek water wherever it may be." Also, that "the council has not set a spending cap on the water search."

This is all well and good, provided everyone understands who is going to pay for this extended, expensive search.

There is no doubt that more water can be found, and that more water is needed for people and businesses who have not come to Payson yet.

There is also no doubt that this additional water is going to be expensive; really expensive by current Payson standards.

Therefore, before we get too deeply involved in the expensive search, I think the people of Payson are entitled to clearly understand the proposed financing of the project.

The present residents and businesses can survive with the water under the town limits. The outside search is for water for residents and businesses who aren't here yet.

If there is some plan to develop a system that will direct these high costs to the incoming residents and businesses, then tell us what the plan is. Let us see how foolproof it is.

If the plan is to load the costs on all of us, present residents and new alike, through, say, a municipal property corporation, then let us know that now. Don't wait till you have done it to us, and then tell us.

Although the people of Payson did not show much interest in the recent election, with roughly one-third of the registered voters exercising their right, I would suggest that they pay close attention now.

It is your money, and a big chunk is at stake.

Dan Adams, Payson

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