Will Voters Seek Reform Or Status Quo?



In response to your (editorial) Aug. 1, "Time for county supervisors to clean house."

I am the Republican candidate for supervisor, Dist. 3. The heart of my campaign for office is reform. As my background is corporate loss prevention and risk management, it is my intention to work with the other members of the board to "clean house" as your article suggests.

A point in fact, background investigations I have done them since 1975, with letters of demand and personal interviews without violating the Privacy Act of 1974.

There was no excuse for the Marrs incident. I share your outrage when tax dollars are wasted and stolen. I will work for fiscal responsibility in Gila County.

I am willing to do the job. The real question is, will the voters of Gila County seek reform or status quo?

Leonard Miglorisi, Globe

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