Mccarthy 'Can Do The Job And Do It Very Well'


My name is Chris A. Haack. I'm a detective with the Payson Police Department.
My entire working career 27 years has been in law enforcement. I have intentionally focused my career in the area of advanced criminal investigations.
I have worked with and been acquainted with Dennis "Dino" McCarthy for the last eight years. This association began professionally while Dino was working as a prosecutor for the Gila County Attorney's Office and was assigned to my cases.
My initial impression of Dino was that of a highly competent, motivated attorney with a strong sense of ethics. As I dealt with Dino more, I could tell he really believed in what he was doing. And because of this, he would work far harder on his cases, often going beyond the call of duty.
This letter might have ended here and that would be all I'd have to say about Dennis McCarthy, however, there's more to the story. In my profession criminal investigations once, maybe twice, in a career, you get into a case that is incredibly heinous, complicated and lengthy. Dino and I worked on such a case together. This case involved an interstate child molester, who also committed frauds, theft and kidnapping. This defendant had also threatened to kill witnesses and law enforcement officials if they brought any evidence against him.
It's in situations like this that you really learn what people are made of. The stress was incredible. We were working 10- and 12-hour days weeks before the trial even began. The trial lasted two weeks. We even wore bulletproof vests in court because of the death threats.
During this entire ordeal, Dino never faltered a minute and did an outstanding job presenting the case in court. As a result, the defendant was found guilty on all counts and is currently serving a 42-year sentence in the Arizona Department of Corrections.
This is why when I first heard that Dino was running for sheriff of Gila County, my immediate reaction was, "That's great, I'll support him 100 percent." I didn't have to think about whether Dino can do the job, and do it very well I know he can.
Chris A. Haack, Payson

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