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Students smart to support gun control laws


A number of recent opinion polls have asked adults how they feel about gun control laws. On Monday, the results of a nationwide survey were released, indicating how our high school students feel about regulating firearms in the United States.

The survey, which was commissioned by a sociology professor and his students at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., gives us a surprising first-look at the attitudes of our nation's next generation of gun owners and voters.

Nine out of 10 high school students supported gun-control measures such as required safety courses and licenses to purchase handguns, criminal background checks, and mandatory trigger locks. In addition, 89.6 percent also supported registering guns when purchased so the guns can be traced if necessary.

This survey tells us that the majority of our high school youth overwhelmingly share a common-sense approach toward gun control. They seem to understand that this can be a nation that supports our right to bear arms as well as laws that help keep guns out of the wrong hands such as criminals, unsupervised children, the mentally unstable or an emotionally charged person who might try to purchase a gun during a time of anger or depression.

There are some organizations that are criticizing the survey, saying that our high school students do not have enough information to make judgments on such complex issues as gun control. But we believe their lack of political agendas and paranoid attitudes are just what makes this survey so valid. They are the ones who will carry this nation into the future. We are glad they have a positive outlook on how to keep a reasonable balance between protecting our Second Amendment rights and protecting innocent lives.

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