Gun Control Survey Uses Students As Shills


I hardly know where to start with this one. I guess a bit of personal experience is helpful. It wasn't until college and my own motivated interests that I became aware of the blatantly slanted and patriotic hyperbole of my high school history books. It was during that period of study that I began to fully understand why young kids high school and below are not given the right to vote even though they can enlist, fight and die for their country.

Kids of this age are simply too easily manipulated by the "system," (which is) one of the reasons they make such good soldiers, and are not yet mature enough to fully grasp the significance of the "agenda" under which they are taught in the public education arena.

This survey on "gun control" is a perfect example. Not for one moment do I doubt that a survey of that type could be conducted via the same approach that would elicit the same results, regardless of the topic or subject. Gun control, free speech, socialism, separation of church (and) state, abortion, affirmative action, civil rights, etc. are all topics of significant social relevance and demand much more social input and consideration than a self-serving demagogic approach using naive school children as shills.

I wonder, had the NRA formulated the "survey" and conducted its presentation to the very same students, if you would then be touting the results as you are. Your agenda is as obvious and transparent as the gun control zealots who created this latest attack on all law-abiding citizens' Second Amendment rights.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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