Golden Rule Also Applies To Golden Retrievers


My wife and I have five children. We do our best to teach them to be polite and courteous but they are still children and are ever learning.

We recently took them to an event in Payson where they became a bit excited. Their voices were happy and their conversations were positive so I hadn't noticed that they may have been disturbing someone. Without warning, a woman was addressing my children with an angry voice and a piercing eye. This was frightening to them and her method of communication was unnecessary. Afterward, my children huddled next to me, too scared to move or enjoy the event. As I sat there, I wondered why the woman could not have simply told them in a kind way or even spoken to me if they were bothering her.

I believe most parents want to be conscientious regarding their children's actions.

I also believe most dog owners hope their pets are not a nuisance to neighbors. But dogs, like children, can get anxious or excited, make noise and sometimes run around where they shouldn't.

Last weekend, five dogs were poisoned in Mesa del Caballo, most likely because someone was bothered by their behavior. Three of those dogs died, one of which belonged to a little boy who had passed away a few years ago and was a living reminder of the child for his sister and family.

Regardless of whether these dogs were in violation of any ordinance, this was a perverted way for anyone to address the problem. The person or persons responsible for these murders should be locked up.

I know there are ongoing problems with dogs in every neighborhood. However, let's all agree that in a small town the right thing to do is to first start with a friendly conversation with the dog owner. Or, if you're not comfortable confronting him, leave a rational note outlining your concerns.

If there's still no resolution to the problem, contact the police or sheriff's department. There are enforceable laws and ordinances in the town and county.

After all, isn't that the way you would like to be treated?

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