More Dog Poisonings In Mesa Del


This time at least five dogs were poisoned, and three have died so far according to Gila County Sheriff's Deputy Karen Baltz who investigated the incident that occurred sometime Friday night, Aug. 25. This is the third in a series of dog poisonings in the past four years in this community of some 325 homes off Houston Mesa Rd. northeast of Payson.

"It appears to be random," Baltz said. "It happened all over Mesa del, on Toya Vista, Stallion, Cherry Ann, and Caballero. They were all indoor dogs who appear to have gotten out that night."

One of the dogs who died belonged to Janie Ramey who lives on Toya Vista Rd. near Barranca Rd. She said her dog and her roommate's dog both got out sometime Friday night.

"In the morning my dog had seizures and died," Ramey said. "My roommate's dog was found dead next door."

Deputy Baltz took one of the dead dogs to Star Valley Veterinary Clinic where it was determined that the poison was strychnine.

Ramey's dog Blackie, a black lab mix, had belonged to her son who died five years ago. She has a simple message for whoever killed her dog: "If people don't want dogs in their yards, there are other ways of taking care of it.

"This was especially hard on my 13-year-old daughter because it was her brother's dog," Ramey added. I just hope it was worth it to whoever did it."

According to Baltz, nobody reported seeing anything suspicious, and there are no suspects.

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