Much More Was Lost Than A $5 Kite


This summer on a windy Sunday afternoon I took my two kids and my son's friend to Green Valley Park to fly their kites. We had just bought my son's friend his kite for his birthday.

It was a beautiful day with children laughing and playing and music filtering through the air from the arts festival. We had fun trying to get one kite up in the air then two and then our friend's kite. However, when he ran back toward the gazebo to get his new kite it was gone. I quickly asked some older kids if they saw someone carrying a long plastic bag with a kite in it. They said yes, and described a woman whom I had noticed upon arriving who was yelling at her dogs and her kids. They even told me they lived by her at Frontier Apartments and her children attend the same school as mine. While our heads were tilted upward to the sky this woman stole our brand new kite.

To this woman I say this: You got away with a new kite but you also took much more. You took away a smile from a 9-year-old little boy. You took away trust and respect that a child has in an adult. You didn't see the hurt in his eyes as I had to explain that in life there are good people and unfortunately bad, and the bad don't care about anyone but themselves and what they can take from others. He sat there with almost tears in his eyes, not wanting to play or laugh.

You also took from your own children honesty and integrity. You showed them that in life if you see something and want it, take it. Steal it and don't worry about what it may do to someone else. You've taken away from your children the lesson of, "work hard for what you want in life and earn it because there is no satisfaction like hard work."

You took all these things away from all these kids for what price? A $5 kite.

Shelley Wayland, Payson

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