Town's Gazebo Codes Anti-Christian Bigotry


Anti-Christian bigotry, that's all it is! I am referring to the Town of Payson's current codes and proposed new codes regarding the gazebo at Green Valley Park. Currently the town has made the gazebo off limits to the churches. Now when it appears that the town may be in violation of the First Amendment, the town attorney, Sam Striechman, is recommending that the current codes, be removed and replaced with more restrictive codes, codes which would prevent not just churches, but all organizations from hosting events at the gazebo. Under the new codes only "town-sponsored" events would be allowed.

I would like someone to tell me what harm it would do for one of the Baptist churches, the Assembly of God, one of the Lutheran churches, the LDS, the Catholic church, or one of the host of other churches in our community, to occasionally use the gazebo, provided of course, it is at those times when the town does not have something else scheduled. And for that matter, why now should the Veterans, Lions, Elks, Masons and all of the other Payson clubs and organizations be squeezed out from using this facility as well?

Ted Leonard, Payson

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