Cartoon A Slap In The Face To Border Ranchers


Guess I've seen too many movies. You know, the ones where the only thing really standing against injustice was the newspaper editor, his daughter and one cranky ol' helper.

In light of the problems of border ranchers, and the history of this state, the drawing in last Friday's edition makes one sick at heart. I won't call it an editorial cartoon 'cause it wasn't funny.

When you run something like that, a person can't help but wonder whose side you are on, and, yes, it is a "side" issue.

Our federal government is unable to protect its citizens from invasion of their properties by members of another nation? We are ignored by the state government in our repeated pleas to "do something?" The local, state, and federal agencies in the borderlands are overworked, underpaid, and understaffed, and our fine federal leaders talk of "opening our borders?"

Well, I hate to tell you, but there is a rancher just outside the fairgrounds in Douglas who believes around 7,000 people have crossed his rangeland, his property, in the last five years! And, the family of the storekeeper in Palominas, who was killed in what Douglas police and the INS referred to as a "raid," what do you tell them with your little item? The last "raid" I remember reading about was at Naco, and we sent Pershing after 'em.

For the paper to print this elitist aside was a slap in the face to anyone who has ever had to fight alone to protect life and property. The belief that the police or any other agency will be there to protect you is, and forever will be, flawed.

Instead of deriding the efforts of those fighting alone against a human flood, time and ink would be better spent were you to fan the flames of indignation and assist in helping correct the problem.

Ridiculing the efforts of the ranchers of the borderlands is shameful, and as their rights and properties are tempted by "illegal" border crossers, do we all not lose something by just standing here, waiting for someone to do something?

John M. Angell Sr., Payson

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