Social Studies Project Teaches Valuable Lessons


It seems as though sometimes our school and its teachers go unnoticed.

I have the honor of being in Mrs. Alexander-Young's social studies class and we are working on a research profile project. Some of the tasks include writing to our congressmen, the president, attending a school board meeting, obtaining an Arizona state ID card, holding a mock poll, opening a savings account and volunteering your time to a worthwhile cause, to name a few.

This has been such a rewarding experience for me and my fellow students. We are gathering many valuable experiences that we will need as we approach adulthood. I think Mrs. Alexander-Young deserves a big pat on her back for being such a great teacher and role model for this town. And the Rim Country Middle School deserves a big thumbs up for being such a great school.

Danielle Haynes, RCMS, 8th-Grade Student

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