Dog's Killer Suffers From A 'Sick Mind'


Somewhere in Payson there is a cowardly person with a very sick mind. I would warn everyone to keep a strict eye on their pets and keep them confined inside.

I read about the recent poisoning of the Foster family's beloved dog, Moggie. Moggie never harmed anyone. Everyone loved him, especially the children who sometimes came over to the Foster home and asked if Moggie could come out to play with them.

Moggie died a horrible death before his time. Someone knows why, but doesn't have the guts to reveal themselves. I wish there were some way to find the person and punish him financially or by a jail term so that he might think twice before doing this to someone else's pet.

When I was young, my mother often told my two brothers, sister and me, "You can lie, you can cheat, and you may get away with it, but you will know, and God will know." I still remember my mother's words to this day, they sure made an impression on my young mind.

Psychiatrists say someone who would torture an animal might also do the same to a child or some other person who is small or helpless. I believe this because I remember a young boy who lived in my neighborhood some 40 years ago who I stopped twice from torturing dogs, and who I was told abused a small girl. In his teens, he was sent to jail for the rest of his life for raping a young girl. This boy should have had psychiatric help, especially when it became evident that he took pleasure in hurting helpless animals, even his own pet dog.

Whoever gave Moggie poison will always know what he has done, and God will know, too. Perhaps we will find out who he is and the whole town will know what kind of a person has such a sick mind.

A Concerned Dog Owner

(Editor's note: The author of this letter requested anonymity for fear of retaliation against her own pets.)

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