Officials Have No Regard For Their Own Word


Regardless of which side you are on in regard to the alternative fuel mess; the real issue is elected officials who have no regard for their own word. This group of mental midgets have no more honor for what they say than the man in the moon.

There can be absolutely no trust developed between these politicians and any other person. Those who voted "yes" on the original bill, and then voted "yes" again to disenfranchise those who believed them are no better than common liars. Make no mistake, this can happen on any issue, any time, and without any repercussions whatsoever. If you ever mistakenly "believed" any of those politicians, this should awake you from slumber.

Thank goodness we have two reputable dealers in Payson. Both Chapman Chevrolet, of which I have first hand knowledge, and Phil White Ford have honored their reputation by willingly refunding persons who were "duped" into believing that a law, in force, was to be believed and followed. These two dealerships, also caught squarely in the middle of this issue, should be congratulated for their professionalism in dealing with this fiasco

Bruce Wilson, Payson

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