Christmas In Payson


'Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the town,

Not a trace of the people

Was there anywhere found.

The smoke from the chimneys

Rose up in the air,

In the hopes that Saint Nicholas

Soon would be there.

The stockings all hung

Wherever they could,

The glow from the fireplaces

Stoked high with wood.

The tinkling of coins

In the poker machines,

Where folks pushed the buttons

For Jacks, Kings and Queens.

The luster on rooftops

Could be seen down below,

From the flickering, shimmering

New fallen snow.

The stores had closed early

On Christmas Eve.

Friends huddled together

For their gifts to receive.

They sing Christmas carols

Of holiday cheer,

Songs of Peace and of love.

In the hope that their voices

Would reach God above.

Then I heard all those voices

Break the still of the night-

Merry Christmas to all-

And to all a good night!

December, 2000

By: Rosie Kelly

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