Country Is Not Run By Popular Vote


I was displeased with the political cartoon in the Roundup's Friday edition. It showed an old car as the Electoral College and the point being; replace it.

I was a high school history teacher for 20 years, and it's apparent the artist doesn't understand the workings of college. Since we are in a hot presidential contest, let me state a few important facts. We are not a democracy and our country is not run by popular vote.

Our founding fathers established a Republican form of government, with a democratic voice for people; read the United States Constitution. Al Gore, the Democrats and especially the Rev. Jesse Jackson don't seem to understand this.

Historically democracies turn into mob rule. Study Ancient Greece and Rome with all their violence. The seeds of this were planted again by the marches in Florida demanding impeachment of Florida's governor Bush. An uneducated mob demanding redress is not the guarantee of the First Amendment.

Our founding fathers decided eligible voters would vote for electors, who would vote for the presidency. At first, electors were not obligated to vote as the popular vote; however, it was expected. After the campaigning was over and some character flaw was found to make a candidate unworthy the electors could keep him from office by changing their vote. The purpose was to help ensure that the best candidate would be chosen and not necessarily the most popular.

This was the states vote for president and part of the check and balance doctrine.

It's best not to give all power of government to people, especially uneducated mobs who have no idea of what good government is. This is why our Founding Fathers established the check and balance doctrine.

The Electoral College is a safe guard for this Republic and there is no reason to change what was set in Law. They knew their history and what it would take to preserve this country.

Bill Miller, Payson

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