Frohme Tapped 'Most Inspirational' At Special Olympics


Payson Special Olympian David Frohme recently brought home the bacon at the state championship bowling competition in Tucson by being named "Most Inspirational Athlete" out of more than 3,000 competitors, with the inspiration provided by Frohme's focus on being a positive support to his fellow athletes.

"I just like to cheer them on and support them and make them feel good," Frohme said. "It doesn't really matter if you win or lose. It's just good to do your best and help everybody else do that, too."

Frohme has been involved in many track and field and swimming events. "But this was my first time bowling and I did pretty good," he said.

Special Olympics coach Annie Spencer said Frohme's dedication to Special Olympics and the public relations that he does in the community when he comes back from these competitions was a major reason for Frohme receiving the award.

Frohme is well known for speaking out wherever he goes about all the things the Special Olympics program has done for him.

Every state-level competition has nomination forms for the most inspirational athlete. Various coaches, friends or anyone else can submit a nomination along with the reason that athlete should be considered for the award. The state competition evaluation team is made up of people from around the state who watch the nominated athlete during the competition and make their determination based on observations.

"It always made me feel good when people would cheer and support me so I think it's something I should do for others, too," Frohme said.

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