Know The Facts Before Making Attacks


It appears rumors are flying and misinformation is rampant regarding the Alpine Heights subdivision Local Improvement District forming for road improvements. The district covers lots 99-230 which is the "upper half" of the subdivision only. If you live below the designated lot numbers, you should not sign a petition either "for" or "against."

If the LID comes to fruition, you will not be financially impacted by the decision.

Should you not be sure of your lot number, refer to your canceled check in payment of the 2000-2001 AHHOA assessment; your lot number will be noted in the lower left-hand corner of your canceled check.

For those who are a part of the improvement district as designated by lots 99-230, and who opposed its formation, you should keep in mind that every citizen of the Town of Payson has a right to protect their property values regardless of their status in the community.

Please try to keep your input professional and "to the issue," rather than personally attack town officials whose efforts are directed at satisfying the majority of residents in the district, as required by law.

Lynne Golliglee, Alpine Heights Board of Directors

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