What's The Real Story About Road Improvements?


Your recent article about the deteriorating streets in Alpine Heights left readers, I think, wondering why the Town of Payson has not properly maintained the streets in this neighborhood for the last 18 years. New to the neighborhood in July, Mayor Ray Schum came by the house to welcome us, and to explain the initiative to form a special improvement district in Alpine Heights. When asked why the Town had not maintained the streets, he replied "Oh, the Town does not have the money!" Yet, there is more than $360,000 in this year's budget for street improvements in Alpine Heights according to Town Manager Richard Underkofler. The catch is, however, the homeowners must match that amount in order to receive any street improvements at all.

Will the Town ask all Payson homeowners to pay half of the cost when it comes time to improve the street in front of their property? And, what's the real story behind managing the cost or street improvements in Payson? My wife and I have lived in a number of small Western towns, all of which were able to manage their street maintenance without special assessments. One wonders how well Payson has been managing its maintenance program in recent years. Maybe there is more of a story here.

Gerry Reynolds, Payson

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