'Everyone We've Met (In Payson) Has Been So Friendly'


My husband and I just purchased a cabin in Strawberry. We live and work in the Valley and escape to the Rim country any chance we get. It's so lovely there and everyone we've met has been so friendly.

That was the case on Thanksgiving week when we left the Valley on Wednesday, intent on having our first Thanksgiving in our cabin. All went well as we worked on the cabin that day, but when I went to soak my poor aching body that evening, the water in our tub refused to turn off. My husband tried several ways to fix it, but to no avail. He had to shut off our water.

There we were, the night before Thanksgiving, everything closed, and no water. It was going to be interesting cooking Thanksgiving dinner without any water. In desperation, we called a plumber, assuming he would come out after the holiday and we would just wing it until then. To our surprise, Skip from (a Payson plumbing company) promised to come out the very next morning. He showed up right at 9 a.m., fixed our problem in time for me to begin cooking our turkey.

He was a very nice man to give up his Thanksgiving morning with his family to help us out. We really appreciate the kindness shown to us since we've been in the Rim country.

Tara Brown, Phoenix-metro area

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