'... Make A Stand Against This Outrage'


I want to thank the Roundup for the coverage of the "street fight." It was quite an eye-opener.

I am strongly opposed to (private) property being singled out to pay large sums of money for street improvement. Because the streets are public property, the responsibility belongs to the Town of Payson.

The town has already agreed to maintain our streets, yet nothing has been done for at least seven years to correct the problem in Alpine Heights. Not only has the town failed our community by doing nothing for seven years, those people opposed to paying for the town's obligation were actually asked to leave a public town council meeting. What are they? Naughty children? No! They're concerned citizens, and have every reason to be upset.

I do not recall any individual property owners helping to foot the bill when they improved McLane, Airport Road, Main Street or any other improvements. In this, the Town of Payson has already set a precedent ... as in across Arizona, and the United States. That is why we pay taxes! Those same standards should apply to Alpine Heights, and any other future plans to improve deteriorating streets. To think otherwise is shocking.

As stated in the Roundup, (Rich) Underkofler, town manager, admitted he has his political motives for starting up, and trying to push this responsibility off onto the homeowners. What are his politics? It grieves me to know something as basic and essential as our streets could ever become politicized.

I also question the stewardship of our tax dollars when the Town of Payson spends $40,000 on legal and engineering fees just to "study" the problem in one small area of town. Especially since the "study" was already done there in 1993. What exactly do we get for that kind of money?

Furthermore, a full-time attorney and a full-time engineer are already employed by the town. What are their roles in this? Forty thousand dollars would be better spent fixing the problem. Or is that huge spending on a study "politically" justified?

No, I do not live in Alpine Heights, but I do share this town with them. They should not be singled out to carry this great burden. I am writing this letter to our town councilmembers, and all citizens of Payson to make a stand against this outrage.

Jane Walker, Payson

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