Payson Businesses Lacking Christmas Spirit


What happened to the Christmas spirit with the merchants on highways 87 and 260 when it comes to Christmas decorations? There are a few (businesses) with lights up, but the rest look pretty much the same as they do the rest of the year. The town of Pine has more lights up than Payson.

Also it looks like the gas stations are back to their old alliance of holding prices. I know that each truck load of gas has a different wholesale price, yet all stations maintain a similar price. It also does not cost 14 cents to 17 cents a gallon to truck it up from Phoenix. Show Low, not on the main trucking route, has cheaper gas than Payson. In driving through Camp Verde Dec. 9, unleaded was $1.48 a gallon. Is our town or chamber afraid to force an investigation?

The people who buy the gas need to come up with an idea to force a reduction in the over-charging.

Ernie Schmidt, Payson

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