A Mother's Tears Tell The Real Story


Last week we published an editorial recognizing the peace and goodwill being spread by so many people in the Rim country. But try as we might, our words alone cannot tell the real story of how hearts are touched and lives changed by volunteers who work through local service groups and organizations.

The following letter was written by a young mother who was overwhelmed by the love she felt when she stepped through the doors of the middle school to receive help with food from the Lioness Club, and toys from Santa's List. Out of respect for this hard-working woman, we are not printing her name, but we're sure she speaks for others who wish to show their gratitude.

I am crying as I write this. It is not of sadness but of pure gratitude and thankfulness. My heart is overflowing with appreciation for all those who gave of their time and money so that my daughters could have a Christmas. This year has been very hard on us. I only had $70 to spend for my girls' Christmas. (I really didn't even have that, I just didn't pay something I was supposed to.)

I was very embarrassed about going to the middle school to pick up food and presents for my girls. I went as early as I could so nobody would see me. The first thing I noticed was all the people who were there. They were all smiling and very organized. There were even children there helping. No one looked at me with judging eyes or looked down their noses at me. No one pointed or whispered at me.

The two people who helped me bring the food and presents to the car were kind and loving even jolly. When I saw all the bags of presents being loaded in my car, I had to fight back the tears. I could barely speak. That is the reason for this letter.

Thank you! Thank you! To all the wonderful people who volunteered what they had to make such a difference in our lives, thank you!

I know the true meaning of Christmas isn't how much you get but how much you give. That's what these wonderful people have done given. Just as our Heavenly Father gave his Son, the greatest gift of all. Thank you again.

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