Give Our 'Academic Superstars Their Moment Of Glory'


Please continue to give our scholars their "moment in the sun!" The Roundup's editorial of Dec. 12 expressed the view that the graduation ceremony ought to dispense with the presentation of scholarships in order to promote brevity and possibly to minimize any sense of inferiority inflicted upon the majority of students as a result of the accolades heaped upon a relative few.

In reading the editorial, I was disappointed at the editor's apparent insensitivity toward the scholars who I saw reflected in the editor's concerns only for those companies and organization who were providing the scholarships.

What about the students whose sweat, blood and tears earn these scholarships, and the accolades that accompany them? Our athletic stars are heralded week after week for their accomplishments. What is wrong with giving our academic superstars their moment of glory?

Ted Leonard, Payson

Editor's note: Apparently Mr. Leonard failed to notice the statement in the Dec. 12 editorial that encourages the school district to continue honoring scholarship winners during Honors Night for their achievements. It is, however, worth repeating.
"... Limit scholarship announcements to Honors Night, a special ceremony for scholarship winners, and simply list the donors in the graduation program. This event gives scholarship winners the recognition they deserve without stalling the momentum of graduation for everyone."

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