How About A Water Park?


I feel that we need a water park and more activities for teens and children in Payson. Because on a hot Saturday afternoon we would probably like to go to a water park but, no, we just go to Wal-Mart instead. Not that there is any wrong with Wal-Mart but after a while it gets old.

I really believe that if there were more activities in Payson for teens there would not be so many kids going to Woody's and smoking cigarettes. Because they wouldn't get as bored and feel that they have to go do that.

I also think that it would teach kids more respect for their elders because they went out and did this for them.

I am not saying that all the kids are going to turn their attitudes around and say thanks! I know that we have sports programs and stuff going on for kids starting at age 5. But not all kids play sports.

So I think you should really think about my (suggestion).

Kody Kepp, 8th-grade student, Rim Country Middle School

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