'When Money Becomes A Doctor's (Main) Concern, It's Time To Retire'


Remember the good ol' docs ...

What has happened to our doctors? Where has the caring for one's fellow man gone? What has happened to their commitment and the love of their job? Why am I so upset? Let me explain.

I am a single parent of a 2-year-old boy, who, like all 2-year-old boys, is constantly falling, bumping, scraping and bruising himself. Such a fall happened (recently), and I got a call at work from my son's sitter.

My son had taken a nasty spill into a marble fireplace. He chose his forehead, between his eyes, as a landing point. I left work to tend to my son and, as I have some medical training, looked my son over and found that not only did he have a nasty bruise and black eye, but also that his eyes were dilating unequally. I thought, uh oh, concussion.

I called (my son's) doctor and explained everything, and said I'd like him to see (my son), to which the doctor replied, "Do you have insurance?"

Nice compassion, doc.

That was his first question. No questions about how he's acting or how he's looking. No "bring him in" or even "calm down. You're over reacting."

"Do you have insurance?"

I understand that (the doctor) is a working man who needs to pay his bills, but shouldn't that have been his last question or even the fourth or fifth?

When money becomes a doctor's primary concern, it's time to retire. How is that kind of behavior justifiable? It isn't.

By the way, I do have insurance.

Robert Courchaine, Payson

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