Community Needs To Attend School Board Meetings



I would like to encourage members of the community to attend a school board meeting.

As part of my civics class I went to the meeting Dec. 4. I was surprised at what I learned the Payson Unified School District will have less money for its budget than what it has had in past years. This means that some people, teachers included, may lose their jobs.

That is not right.

Less teachers means more students in classes. That is not fair for the teachers or the students.

Superintendent Herb Weissenfels talked about some possible cuts that could be made to help make up for the loss of money.

I believe the public needs to know this information because it will end up affecting all of us.

Again, I urge our community to go to a board meeting and show their support for our teachers and students.

Anna Owens, Eighth-grade student, Rim Country Middle School

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