Snyder Ends Asu Coaching Career With Dignity Intact


Onlookers have to admire the way Arizona State University football coach Bruce Snyder has publicly handled his Nov. 15 firing.

Showing class and character, he's refused to make excuses or bad-mouth those who were behind his termination.

It probably would have been very easy for the former Devils coach to unleash venom on those who had anything to do with his firing.

But, he's refused to fall into those situations even when baited by the media.

Snyder coached his last game for ASU Christmas Day in the Aloha Bowl which was nationally telecast. Despite their attempt to give their coach a proper sendoff, the BC Eagles whipped the Sun Devils, 31-17.

Snyder is probably set financially since he will receive a good chunk of change as a part of the buyout of his contract. But it's a different story for the eight young assistants who were let go along with Snyder. They probably have no contract buyout and are now looking for work and a new paycheck. The holiday season is not the time of year a family man, which all are, wants to be unemployed.

Those of us who visit Camp Tontozona each summer to watch the Devils in preseason training have familiarized ourselves with those assistants.

Most are affable and will take a few minutes to stop and visit with alumni, friends and fans.

We hope George Yarno, Kevin Wolthausen, Vincent White, Phil Snow, John Pettas, Robin Phlugrad, Johnny Barr and Dick Arbuckle soon find coaching jobs they'll flourish in.

Jackets shine

By qualifying for the 2000 football playoffs, Blue Ridge Lakeside has set a pair of 3A conference records.

The Jackets are now tied with Eagar Round Valley for most playoff appearances with 24.

Also, by participating a 14th consecutive time, BR set a 3A mark.

The record for most consecutive playoff appearances among all school-size classification is 18. It was set by 5A Tucson Amphitheater.

Phoenix St. Mary's, also a 5A member, holds the record for overall playoff appearances with 29.

Good angling

Spotted some northern Arizona fishermen stopped at Uncle Tom's in Pine over the weekend.

They'd just returned from a trip to Roosevelt and said they'd had good luck fishing in the Goose Flats area and on the main lake.

When quizzed, they reported success fishing crankbaits, spinnerbaits and inline spinners on rocky shores. On the flats, they reported fishing in 7 feet to 10 feet.

In the main lake, they fished 10 to 15 feet.

Tourney action

All Star Bass will host a couples tournament Jan. 13 on Apache Lake. Check out their Web site at, or call (480) 894-2775 for entry forms, rules and schedules.

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