Town Leagues Offer Fun, Exercise To Young And Old


Town of Payson Parks and Recreation volleyball leagues are in full mid-season swing, and the top teams say the key to their success is a focus on fun.

With an average of six people to each team, this season's volleyball leagues are made up of more than 150 local residents who compete against each other one or two nights a week.

While the men's group is made up of seven teams all in the same division, the women have 18 teams split into competitive and recreation only divisions.

With the Payson Eye Care men's team currently at 12-3 on the season and Chaparral Pines (1-14), some might think there are a few blood-thirsty teams who will win at any cost. Not so, according to a few of the division leaders.

"We've got a lot of guys who played volleyball before they came here and really look forward to the six weeks out of the year we get to play," Trevor Creighton for the Payson Eye Care team said. "We just have fun and don't take things too seriously."

A short talk with the teams in the women's recreational division exposes much the same focus.

"My daughter Brittney Boyes and her friend Raeann Burba have such a good time it makes all of us have a good time and keeps us really relaxed," Lori Boyes from the Girls and Boyes team said. "Having a good time is what it's all about."

The town is also gearing up for its basketball leagues. Registration runs Jan. 8 through the 19 at a cost of $375 dollars per team in both the men's and women's leagues. The league had 15 teams last year and if enough teams sign up again both the men's and women's leagues will offer a recreational and a competitive division.

Also offered this year is a 35 and over division providing they get at least four teams to sign up. Fees for that league are only $275 dollars per team

But Parks and Rec isn't just for adults. Their youth leagues have just finished registration for 5-6 grade basketball with games beginning Jan. 13 at middle school gym, the old high school gym and at the Tonto Apache gym.

For more information on these and other recreational activities sponsored by the Town of Payson, call the Parks and Rec office at 474-5242, ext. 7 or stop by their office located near the fishing pier at Green Valley Park.

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