Fixing Highway Will Save Lives


I am an eighth-grade student at Rim Country Middle School. I live in Colcord Estates, east of Christopher Creek. I travel 25 miles one way back and forth to school on Highway 260. Since I do not drive yet, I watch for animals on and around the road.

I have noticed something about Highway 260. There are a number of places where the highway is marked with skid marks. These skid marks are where cars have gotten in accidents. On the shoulder side of the road, there is no shoulder, so the tires fall into big ruts right at the edge of the road. If a car is coming toward you, and crosses over the middle line, there is no room on the shoulder to get out of the way. The shoulder side of the road is dangerously narrow and full of deep drop-offs.

On a highway that has become so heavily trafficked by semi-trucks, trailers and motor homes, it seems necessary to provide a space to make corrections and allow for errors of other drivers, not to mention the elk and deer that also are on the road.

I am wondering why the highway department doesn't fix this road and make it safer. There are many accidents and people killed every year. Fixing this highway would not only help prevent accidents but also save lives.

Jesse Olsson, Colcord Estates

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