Let's Have A 'Range War' With Washington


I, as a resident of the Rim country, having enjoyed this beautiful country for 53 years, want to thank every rancher going back to the 1800s.

Without the superb management from these ranchers, we wouldn't have elk, deer, javelina, more than 200 varieties of birds and hundreds of thousands of acres of land that make our visitors appreciate where we came from.

Any sane person who logically looks at cattle grazing on public lands will realize it takes cowboys to bring water and (build) fences to control growth. With water comes all the wonderful animals we enjoy, and with fences the vegetation is protected and managed.

The most involved and sincere environmentalists in America are the cowboys because they depend on the land and the Lord to survive. I pray that those who want cattle off public lands visit these areas and talk with the cowboys.

Instead, what we have are back-East educated idiots who can't understand anything concerning Arizona or any other state west of the Mississippi River. They impose their rules that are mandated by government employees who maintain their jobs by hiring more people to commit the same ridiculous errors as their predecessors. Worse, you can't vote them out: They work for the government.

I say let's have a "range war" with Washington and join together to protect what the ranchers have preserved for more than 100 years. The "last roundup" ought to be those individuals who fail to understand what we will lose if they win: Our freedom, our land and our way of life.

Mark Ivey Jr., Payson

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