Foul Language, Fashion Offensive To Church-Going Teen


My name is Elizabeth Goodale. I'm in the eighth-grade at Rim Country Middle School, and I'm writing to draw your attention to an issue that greatly concerns me.

I feel that some people have taken such an action in separating church related activities, such as an after-school youth group, from our schools that they have neglected to preserve the good education habits of teenagers in the community.

They have allowed oversized clothing, outdated cliches and vulgar language to become a part of our daily lives. For example, some people have put their thoughts toward preventing the use of Bibles at school. They say it may be offensive to nonbelievers, yet they allow students to walk on campus with their pants dragging behind them, their hair dyed green, and more holes in their heads than a block of Swiss cheese, and they don't take into consideration that it might offend some conventionalities.

Going to an after-school youth group is a choice, but everyday I come to school and I am surrounded by obscene clothing and I have to listen to offensive language and slang terms. For me, this is not a choice. I am very concerned for the safety and education of students here in town. Thank you for helping me make my point known.

Elizabeth Goodale, RCMS student

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