Texan Turned Vegetarian Doesn't Miss Steak Dinners


I missed reading the letter from Anita Adams, but I'm sure I would agree with her concerning the subject of eating meat, So I am writing in response to the letter from Dustin Rogers.

He stated that everyone is born to eat meat. Then why are animals such as cows, horses, etc., the only exceptions?

My understanding is that all carnivorous species have short intestinal tracts, while non-carnivorous animals have long intestines, requiring slower digestion to avoid putrefaction.

I grew up in Texas, eating steaks and fried chicken. When I was 19, my mom and I moved to join the rest of our family in Chicago. We became acquainted with a philosophy that advised that being a vegetarian was a healthier way to live.

While my family immediately became veggies, I rebelled, saying I couldn't give up meat, so I ate in the cafeteria where I worked. About six months later, a strange thing happened to me. After I had finished my meat, an audible voice came out of my mouth saying, "this is the last bite of meat I'll ever eat." That was it! About a month later, a friend and I ate at a tea room that served only chicken salad sandwiches. I took one bite and spit it out.

When I married, I offered my husband a choice. He chose to be a veggie. We were married nearly 63 years. He was 10 years older than I, and was 99 when he passed away last year. Neither of us have lost any body organ we were born with.

I have suffered some health problems, i.e., pneumonia and osteopathic problems, due to lack of exercise, and other small ailments. But otherwise, have always been healthy.

Yes, Mr. Rogers, people have been eating meat for thousands of years, and still convey carnivorous animal instincts -- hating, fighting and killing. One of the best medicines is harmony and omitting anger, fault finding, resentment and hatred.

I don't have any ill feelings toward meat eaters. Some of my dearest friends eat meat, and I love 'em all!

Ione Kirkland, Payson

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