Changing The Image Of Chastity


Chastity is a choice made by unmarried individuals who practice abstinence and married individuals who live a life of fidelity to their spouses.

Older couples who have lived a life of chastity no doubt understand how it has helped keep their marriages intact and their lives happy.

But for many of our young people, the word can conjure up images of the Bible or religion. They may think they should opt for chastity to please their deity, religious leaders or parents. It can reach their ears on the breath of judgment and leave them feeling controlled and rebellious.

Thankfully, there is a new movement in the United States that is changing the way some of our youth regard chastity. The third annual National Week of Chastity started this week amid growing interest and participation.

By promoting the benefits of abstinence, our children can redefine chastity from a form of restriction to a choice that provides them with opportunities, freedoms and happiness.

In recent years we have been encouraged to speak to our kids about the dangers of drugs and violence. But we also know there is a direct connection between abortion, disease, heartbreak, divorce and many other side effects resulting from unchaste living. Let's not forget to tell our teens that delaying sex until after marriage can make the difference of a lifetime. Encourage them to save a part of themselves for someone special.

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