Teens Should Stop Complaining And Start Participating


I am writing in response to Lindsay Lashbrook's letter, which basically said there is nothing for kids to do in this town, and how the skate park located at Rumsey Park has gotten "old."

Well, I do agree, it has gotten old, but the town tried, and what do you expect? Whatever it builds will eventually get old. They could build a mall and it would get old.

Most of the kids in this town just complain about there being nothing to do in this town, but still, they don't try to go to any of the town council meetings and give people their ideas.

When the skate park was built, it took people's ideas, and the town tried. They can't just jump the second someone says, "Oh, I'm bored. Build me something to do!" It takes land, money and time.

So, I think that all of the kids who keep complaining need to go out and try to do something and give (town councilmembers) ideas instead of sitting around waiting for them to do something about it. Why don't you try. They are.

Jen Shiflett, Rim Country Middle School student

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