Patient Pleased With Local Hospital Care


(Recently) I went in to Payson Regional Medical Center for knee replacement surgery. I have lived in Payson for more than 13 years and have heard both pros and cons on our hospital. Well, I'd like to put in my 2 cents worth on what I think of the hospital.

I've had numerous operations on this knee in different hospitals. I would like to say that of all the places I've been, the care I received in this hospital was above all the very best. The nurses and their assistants were the most delightful and caring I've ever been treated by. They were always there when I needed help and they also gave me free rein to work things out on my own.

The doctors and operating room staff also were the best I've ever been around. I've been in hospitals that treat you like you are in an assembly line, but not here. They give you a more personal touch here. They really care for their patients, and it shows in the fast recovery rate a patient has.

Last of all, I'd like to thank the following personnel personally. They are Michelle, Debra, Barry, Diana, Betty, Debbie, Sue, Craig, Dr. Calkins and all the rest. I'm sorry if I left anyone out.

I just want the people of Payson to know that they have a hospital to feel good about. Everyone has his or her own opinion, and I respect that. I just wanted you to know mine.

Robert Sieben, Payson

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