Registration Won't Restrict Free Speech


For several months now, Web surfers have had at least three online bulletin boards to choose from to keep up on local topics and opinions: Michael Alexander's Digital Graffiti, the Payson Badboy board and our own Community Roundup.

All three provide highly entertaining, albeit vastly different looks at local issues, topics and gossip.

Recently, due to wild accusations, anonymous postings and language that would make a seasoned sailor blush, the Roundup has had to take a tougher and apparently unpopular approach to managing our board. To post a message on the Roundup board, webbers must preregister with us.

The one-time process is quick and easy, and only requires users to submit their real e-mail address.

On other bulletin boards, we've been taken to task for this new policy, even called the "Commie Roundup" for restricting our readers' right to free speech.

The only speech we're trying to restrict is vulgarity, profanity and outright defamation of character.

Posting vulgar and profane statements is against the rules of our Web site, and statements that defame another person's character have never been considered protected speech under the U.S. Constitution.

Prior to the creation of our registration process, our board played host to reader postings about the latest local news and sports stories and even included topical debates about national issues.

Unfortunately, it also included the irrational ramblings of a few demented minds.

One bad apple can indeed spoil the whole bunch.

Therefore, if you want to respond to a news story or the latest gossip, or post your opinion of the day, take the 30 seconds needed to register with the Roundup bulletin board.

It is our hope that our new registration process will foster thoughtful, vigorous debate without the meaningless profanity found on other local boards.

Visit our Web site at at and click"Your Roundup."

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