Candidates' Quiz On Local Issues

Part I of II


The following is a brief look at the issues of the day, with responses from the candidates hoping to guide the Town of Payson into the future. Part II will apear in Tuesday's Roundup.

1. Do you support the construction of the new Payson library by 2001?

Mayoral candidates

Jack Jasper - YES - I think the town needs a good library.

Steven Lanyi - YES - I'm for the library, but I think we should get it done now, not next year. Everybody needs a good library, from the children to college students to adults.

Ray Schum - YES - The present library we have is a disgrace to a town of this character.

Vern Stiffler - YES - That's the next project on my list of priorities for the town.

Town Council candidates

Barbara Brewer - YES - It's been a long time coming, and it's something we should've worked together to make happen long before now.

Hilda M. Crawford - YES - I wish they could build it next week.

Ruby P. Finney - YES - It's been too long getting here. We should have had it much sooner.

Jack Monschein - YES - It's needed, it's necessary and they've waited too long.

Bryan Siverson - YES - Our town is overdue for a top-quality library.

Dick Wolfe - YES - I think the whole community supports that, and I do think it can be done by 2001.

2. Do you support the Main Street redevelopment efforts?

Jasper - YES - ... to a certain extent. I didn't agree with town funds being used to support help support Kaibab.

Lanyi - NO - I think the priorities should be geared more toward our children, and toward fixing the roads around town that are in such bad shape.

Schum - YES - Many other communities use redevelopment areas, and we're behind the times if we don't.

Stiffler - YES - ...but not with any big expenditure of public monies.

Brewer - YES - Economic development is the lifeblood of a community. You can't depend on the citizens for the taxes to run the town; you need sales tax revenue to help.

Crawford - YES - But I have a little trouble with it. I feel it will only bring more service-oriented jobs into Payson.

Finney - YES - But only if it is done as a redevelopment project paid for by the property owners within the district.

Monschein - YES - But somebody's got to show me what they're going to do with the traffic they're going to funnel over to Aero Street.

Siverson - YES - The Green Valley project will revitalize our historic Main Street area and broaden our tax base.

Wolfe - YES - I think it becomes one of the stronger economic engines that this town can implement and support.

3. Do you support the proposal for a highway bypass east of Payson?

Jasper - YES - I've known about that being on the drawing board for about 10 years. It's just not going anywhere.

Lanyi - YES - As long as it's like the other loop (Tyler Parkway) and it doesn't hurt business, then I'm in favor of it.

Schum - YES - That will be some time in coming, and I favor that only if it's a parkway, and no businesses are allowed along that road.

Stiffler - YES - I think this is going to be necessary to relieve congestion on Highways 87 and 260.

Brewer - YES - I believe if you create a destination for people, they will come into town anyway. The bypass around town will help relieve some of our traffic congestion.

Crawford - YES - But only if it did not hurt the present businesses in town, and I'm afraid it would.

Finney - YES - I would put that as a very high priority. We've got to get the traffic out of this town.

Monschein - YES - I think it's going to be absolutely necessary in the future. We should be working diligently on that.

Siverson - NO - According to ADOT, a bypass project is 20 to 25 years in the future. At that time we will have to consider its benefits as opposed to its drawbacks.

Wolfe - YES - I do support that ultimately. There's a great deal of details that need to be worked out, and I think the transportation needs within the town need to be addressed first.

4. Do you support town-mandated garbage collection and recycling efforts?

Jasper - YES - I certainly believe in recycling, but I'm not sure about town-mandated garbage collection.

Lanyi - NO/YES - I don't believe in mandated garbage collection. I think that should be left up to free enterprise. I do believe that we need to get some kind of recycling program going though, not only to save on the landfill, but it would also create more jobs.

Schum - YES - By all means. With this in place, I don't think the town would be nearly as littered, and let's work out a means of getting recycling in.

Stiffler - NO/YES - I'm not for mandated garbage collection. Recycling I'm in favor of.

Brewer - NO - I don't like things that are mandated. I would like to see it done on a voluntary participation basis so people can be educated in recycling.

Crawford - YES - I wish they'd start it next week.

Finney - YES/NO - I'm in favor of mandating garbage pickup, but not necessarily recycling. I don't think we can do it in an economical way at this time.

Monschein - UNDECIDED - I think a lot of people like to go to the landfill. I don't want to force people to do something they don't want to do.

Siverson - NO - Mandated garbage collection limits our citizen's choices. Recycling should be encouraged on a voluntary basis with a convenient location where people can drop off their recyclable items.

Wolfe - YES - I think it's an excellent effort for the environment, and I think the town would support it if we can get that put together.

5. Do you support the current practices of using water as a means of controlling growth?

Jasper - UNDECIDED - Don't think they're using water as a means of controlling growth. Think the lack of water is what might be causing some growth reduction.

Lanyi - YES - ... as long as the town sticks to its plan and makes all new development pay for itself.

Schum - NO - I'm not in favor of water controlling growth, but it does. I think we should pursue the idea of doing whatever we can to get water so we can grow and progress.

Stiffler - YES - ... or any other means we can use, either zoning or whatever. My objective is to keep growth between 3 and 5 percent, no more than 5.

Brewer - YES - We've done a good job. Water is a precious resource that we should all conserve.

Crawford - YES - If they find water in our system, then we can go ahead and grow as much as we want.

Finney - YES - Because it's worked so far. We don't seem to have any other way of controlling it.

Monschein - YES - I think it's necessary until some professional hydrologist shows us we now have ample water. At that point, certainly, we would open the doors for more development.

Siverson - UNDECIDED - Our growth rate is limited by our water supply, so our current residents don't have to alter their lifestyles due to growth.

Wolfe - NO - I don't think water should be used as a tool against growth. I think we need to aggressively seek out additional sources of water. At the same time, I think there's adequate water to support some degree of economic growth which is what I'm seeking that would benefit the town in many ways.

6. Do you feel impact fees imposed on new development is appropriate?

Jasper - YES - I believe the impact fees are very necessary to prevent existing citizens from paying for the problems of future growth.

Lanyi - YES - However, I think the older parts of town should be exempt, such as old neighborhoods that still have vacant lots for sale. The utilities are already there, they just need to be brought up to the new house.

Schum - YES - It's the wave of the future. Impact fees are being done all over the US, to my knowledge. We should look at different means of imposing them.

Stiffler - YES - Definitely. Growth should pay it's own way.

Brewer - YES/NO - Why should a person pay the same impact fees for a 1,000-square-foot home as a 3,000-square-foot home? I think it should be based on square footage, but I need to research the subject a bit more.

Crawford - YES - Coming from California, you bet your booty. All new people who come to Payson need to pay their fair share.

Finney - YES - New development should pay its fair share of the extra costs of streets, sewers, parks, everything the town provides.

Monschein - YES - Under the circumstances, until we locate water, I think they are necessary. Someone has got to pay for our exploration of water, and I certainly do not want to place it on the current residents.

Siverson - YES - Impact fees supplement our water research and development costs.

Wolfe - YES - I think they're something we're going to have to live with from now on. I think we need to revisit the concept of how we implement those fees.

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