Generous Veterinarian Keeps Pet Adoption Costs Down


Dr. Alan Hallman has offered the Payson Humane Society his valued professional service to spay or neuter some of our shelter animals. In past summers, when he has had a veterinary intern with him, he has provided many free spay/neuters services for the shelter animals. This year he has generously offered us $5,000 worth of spay/neuters for our adopted animals.

Arizona state law requires all adopted shelter animals to be sterilized before they leave the shelter unless they are too young. A major expense of our shelter operations is our spay/neuter fees.

When we adopt an unsterilized animal, we charge $25 over the adoption fee. A certificate is given to the adopter to give to the local veterinarian. The veterinarian returns the certificate to the Payson Humane Society with the charges.

We only charge $25 toward the surgery, therefore we are most grateful for all the help from our local veterinarians.

Gloria Scott, , President of the Humane Society Board of Directors

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