Hayworth, Un Need To Straighten Up


by Patricia A. Parker
Rep. J.D. Hayworth's "Congressman sets record straight on his UN stance" (Payson Roundup Guest Comment, Feb. 11) is slanted and defensive, and I consider it a personal attack on my right to publicly deliver a complete statement and/or ask questions of an elected, taxpayer-paid representative.

It's truth I'm after, not face-saving rhetoric.

Roundup readers have no way of knowing that my husband and I have corresponded with J.D. Hayworth for all the years he has been in the House. Many of his handwritten postscripts are a friendly, "Glad to hear from you."

Rep. Hayworth incurred my wrath by voting to continue funding the United Nations (H.R. 2415) prior to the Helms-Biden plan. A letter on the plan, written by Sen. Helms, is dated Feb. 8, 2000.

If one wants specifics, there are scores of government postings on Internet -- info.www.gao.gov -- citing the waste, fraud, and mismanagement in the U.N. Too, there are several postings declaring agreements have been reached (1990, 1993, 1995 come to mind) for the U.N. to "clean up its act," none of which have materialized satisfactorily.

The Cato Institute arrived at the same conclusion as the General Accounting Office.

Fifty years of steady decline, it is doubtful that even the GAO will have any impact on people who are intent on stealing from and abusing the system. Where else can a simple accountant earn upwards of $98,000 a year? Control is lost when the money is disbursed to various programs.

So, I don't see the Helms-Biden plan as anything more than another attempt at stalling for time, to soothe and stroke and lull U.S. citizenry back into complacency.

J.D. Hayworth is only one person among 535 members in a Congress filled with socialists and sympathizers to the U.N. I wish he were a Superman Statesman, eager to save us in a single blaze of glory from this hedonistic menagerie of sticky-fingered, intellectually-challenged, wannabe dictators living as royalty in the United States, enjoying diplomatic immunity from our laws.

U.N. delegates do not want democracy, or they would demonstrate leadership by adopting our Constitution and Bill of Rights in their own countries, and halt the carnage of their peoples.

As for the applause J.D. mentions I confess. But, at the risk of bursting his balloon, he should search his memory. Town councilman Hoby Herron was the last to speak. He told Rep. Hayworth, in effect, that we are upset that President Clinton's excessive Executive Orders, denying us our freedoms, have been overlooked and gone unchallenged by the Congress, and allowed to become law. Councilman Herron's statement was what we were applauding.

Proudly, approximately 74 of us gathered together that day at the American Legion (ages 9 to 90). The broad variety of questions/statements were thought-provoking. I especially recall the teacher and high school student's plea for a return to prayer in schools, to which Mr. Hayworth chided, " ... it's offensive to others - better there be quiet time."

Next, I suppose, "In God We Trust" will have to be eliminated from our coinage so as not to offend those who are spending it in Washington, D.C.

I deeply appreciate and thank those of you who have called and sent letters.

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